About Us

Alternate Care is a community based organisation providing direct support to children/young people in care.

Our organisation has the support of the broader community who value the lives of children/young people at risk, and are prepared to engage cooperatively with government and smaller communities so as to ensure better opportunities for those who are most vulnerable.

This is an acknowledgement that Alternate Care receives funding from Department of Children, Youth Justice and Multicultural Affairs for the provision of services to children/young people who are in the care of Department of Children, Youth Justice and Multicultural Affairs.

Alternate Care is an active member of Peak Care Queensland Inc and works in partnership with a number of private and government agencies and departments including Department of Children, Youth Justice and Multicultural Affairs. Our service works closely with prominent tertiary education and training organisations and providers such as, ENABLE Mental Health Occupational Therapy Services, EVOLVE, Knightlamp P/L and many private practitioners operating to improve services and support for children and young people in Queensland’s Community Service Sector.

Alternate Care’s Vision is to: To measurably improve the lives of children/young people who are at most risk.

Our Mission is: “To ensure that children/young people who have moderate – high or complex – extreme needs will have greater opportunity to access services that are more flexible and responsive towards establishing their safety, enhancing their potential development, and ensuring a positive identification with ‘self’ and subsequent wellbeing.”

Culture Statement: “Alternate Care’s culture is underpinned by empowerment, honesty, integrity, reflective practice and a passion for continued improvement.”

Services provided include, specialist foster care, emergency accommodation response services, and therapeutic placement services.

Alternate Care recognises the importance of carefully screened, trained and experienced frontline Care Workers and approved Foster or Kinship Carers and actively encourages further education and a commitment to life long learning.