Alternate Care is a community based organisation that supports children/young people who have been assessed as having complex needs or adult/s with an intellectual or cognitive disability.

Assistance for the provision of specialised services is received from Department of Communities, Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services; Department of Education Queensland; Disability Services Queensland; Queensland Department of Health. Alternate Care also provides direct support by arrangement, to other community organisations for the provision of a variety of professional services.

Alternate Care offers a range of out-of-home care options for statutory children/young people who are assessed as having moderate - high or complex - extreme needs or adult/s with an intellectual or cognitive disability.  Services provided by Alternate Care are flexibly arranged under five service/placement delivery units:

Contractors who are approved under the Child Protection Act 1999, deliver Alternate Care services. Every Youth Worker and Foster Carer is carefully screened, Children’s Commission Blue Card checked, Police checked and assessed for suitability for each of our services.